Business exhibitions are brilliant, the Creative Content Company team have attended many as guests and exhibited at various events too but let’s be honest; they’re not my comfort zone! Presenting myself to strangers who may or may not like me or even be interested in what I offer scares the hell out of me; but it works and I enjoy seeing the people I do know.

I was recently having a discussion with a business contact who I first met at Cambs Chamber of Commerce Business Exhibition at Wood Green, Godmanchester. She had attended the recent event and asked if she had missed me there. I replied that sadly I couldn’t make it this year to large jobs and short deadlines but asked how she felt the event went.

After confirming the event was successful, footfall was good and she enjoyed the event she added the following;

“I must just tell you that you are one of the few people who stood out at the first event I attended. Partly because of your friendly, outgoing nature and your excellent marketing idea of attaching colourful jelly beans to your cards…and I didn’t even eat the jelly beans. I just loved the idea and I mentioned it to [my group] before this year’s event.”

I could not believe that this contact, who I really didn’t know terribly well, had remembered me so clearly and fondly, even remembering the marketing materials that I had given out. This was at an event at least 2 or maybe even 3 years ago!

As I started, business exhibitions are a brilliant way for me to get the Creative Content Company name and brand out there. I was left shocked by this ladies response and it has definitely encouraged me to become more confident going forward – the people I met had no idea of my lack of confidence and the fact I was probably petrified of every single one of them, in fact as this example proves I was remembered for good reasons!

Sometimes it is okay to step outside that comfort zone.