Our Pet Hate

 When it comes to the team here at Creative Content Company we have one big pet hate. Nope, it’s not who ate the last Jaffa Cake (although that is very annoying), it’s not even who left the toilet seat up or the person who keeps leaving dirty cups in the kitchen without washing them up. Our pet hate is empty blogs.

Very often we will come across websites with a tab for a blog, as we click on this tab there is a huge blog post talking about how the blog will work, that it will be updated with loads of useful information, all the latest news and exciting updates. As we scroll down to see all this exciting news and latest updates we see nothing.

The worst part is, that initial blog post promising the latest news and exciting updates is usually at least a couple of years old. By having an empty blog post like this you’re telling the visitor to the website that there have been no exciting updates and no latest news. In fact you’re telling the visitor to your website that nothing has happened in your industry or business since that blog post went live.

If your blog is like this you have two options that we would recommend – either delete the blog altogether because it is doing you more harm than good, or alternatively you can update the blog post with weekly or twice weekly blog posts. This will then make Google happy and it will keep your website active and fresh for visitors to your website too.

Please help us fix this worldwide pet hate, if you ever see a blog that is empty, unused or outdated then refer them to our team of blog writers. When the owner of the empty blog signs up with us and pays their first invoice you will get one free blog post and then another free blog post every month the client stays with us.

This means you can reduce our pet hate on a friends website and you can have an active website too, with some

blog posts that you didn’t even pay for how is that for a great deal?