The Creative Content Company is continually expanding both in size and skills, with the addition of Eppie offering WordPress Help and Zara offering paid advertising we are now able to help more and more customers locally, nationally and internationally. But we have also come across a need for Google Analytics Training within our networking circles so this is our newest service that we can offer.

Here at Creative Content Company we use Google Analytics regularly, it shows us what social media campaigns work for us, what pages and blog posts are most popular and if there is anywhere on our website that really isn’t working for us and is actually losing customers. We also use it to trial different techniques and links to see how they affect our rankings on the Google search engines so when we met people at networking that weren’t looking at their Google Analytics or didn’t know how to we knew we had to get involved and that’s why we are now offering Google Analytics Training.

We will take the time to show you what you need to look at on your Google Analytics, where you can see how many visitors your website has had this month compared to last month or last year and how people are finding your website, is it on social media, keywords or links from other websites or adverts.

If you have adverts out in magazines, websites or anywhere else we can show you how well they are working for your business and how much traffic you are getting to your website because of these adverts that you are paying for.

This is a one off Google Analytics Training session, everything we teach you, you can use again and again on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. It’s so easy to get lost in Google Analytics but with a little bit of training you’ll see how you can use Google Analytics to help you save much needed time and money.