We know that without our clients we would have no business, this is why we work so hard to ensure that our clients are happy with the service we offer. Staying with us month after month shows us that our clients are happy with the work we offer, but when we get testimonials like the ones below, we certainly do a happy dance!

These are just some of our favourite testimonials we received in March for blog post ideas from Sandra Chair Covers, website review from Anglia Healthcare, white label content from Geek Designs, newsletters from Flex-Able, blogging from Aspire Cambridge and website content from Garage Door & Shutter Services.

Sandra Chair Covers Ltd

“We originally used Creative Content Company for some blog post ideas as we couldn’t come up with any ourselves; we were so impressed with the blog topics Hazel came back with that we asked her to write them too. Great service, price and product.”

Anglia Healthcare

“We contacted Hazel for a website review of our existing website as we wanted to make changes but were not sure where to start/ Hazel sent us an in-depth and thorough website review that helped with navigation around the site, offered SEO tips and advice but also spoke about the look and feel of the site! It was a brilliant website review with changes our web team can easily make.”

Geek Designs

“We have requested website content from Hazel several times to complete our client websites. We have provided her with a brief of our client’s services or products and she has composed relevant copy that we have then published onto our client’s websites. 

We met Hazel through a networking event years ago and exchanged contact information, we saw her then as a valuable business to work with in the future. We have not yet been let down or discouraged from using her services, as the content provided is always relevant and researched effectively.

Creative Content Company is passionate towards their work and have always been a delightful partner to work with.”


“Many thanks Hazel for helping me through the complicated world of E-Marketing. Your approach was friendly and your tutorial easy to follow.

Before meeting, Hazel and I discussed where I needed help, so when she arrived she had a thorough understanding of the brief and was able to immediately guide me through the process. Highly recommended!”

aspire cambridge

“We’ve been using their blog services for 12 months when we decided we needed to step up our blogging to move with the current issues on Social Media to gain interest and traffic.

We often hit Hazel with a series of hot topics that we see breaking on the news, this can be very early in the morning, and Hazel understands the need to be incredibly proactive with getting the blog back to us so it looks like we are right at the top of the news breakers. This is carried out to perfection and Hazel jumps straight onto it and we never worry something will escape her, she is incredibly customer focused.

She has created around 50 blogs for us which creates a very healthy pool of material we can re-use to refresh our material online. It’s great that people think I am doing it, I love it that I have a secret ghost writer that is making me look social media amazing!”

Garage Door & Shutter Services

“I needed my website content to sound professional so tasked Hazel with literally rewriting all current text; she had no knowledge of my industry and had to do a lot of research. Hazel came back with 13 pages of content and I only had to alter a couple of things, it was that good! I was blown away to be honest.

I then used Hazel to write press releases and again, Hazel just ‘delivers’; she is very efficient and has such a nice friendly attitude. Sometimes I have felt genuinely uplifted following a phone call with Hazel, being in business can be hard going, and to hear Hazels positivity about MY Business is just brilliant.

I describe Hazel as a first class service with very reasonable rates, much more affordable than I thought for this type of service, and I get the impression that she does this with a big smile!”