Lockdown hasn’t been easy on any of us. Just as with other businesses, it has been tricky with the team here at Creative Content Company too. We had Sarah join the team at the beginning of March, and within weeks we were on lockdown. Don’t worry – we aren’t blaming Sarah for that.

So, we have been keeping in touch via a new WhatsApp group, as well as regular calls to check-in. We have been sending little gifts such as pocket hugs, chocolate biscuits, hearts and rainbows to the team to help keep their spirits up too. We had a Zoom meeting as a virtual team event too.

However, I was really keen to take that team bonding to the next level. We didn’t get the chance to have a team outing after Sarah joined and before we went into lockdown. So, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect virtual team event that will brighten their spirits and lift their moods.

And I found – Teddi’s Drag Bingo!

This event is being hosted by Peterborough’s favourite drag queen (in my opinion) on Sunday 28th June. I attended her last event which was brilliant fun and knew I had to get tickets for the team for the next bingo event. It is a great giggle, with fun songs too. It really perked me up and I know it will for my team too, as well as their partners.

Teddi is quite the show tune supreme and has a voice to kill. She is sassy, funny and stunning. The bingo will be brilliant fun as we all hope to win the money, meanwhile the singing which we can dance along to, will just give us some time away from the doom and gloom of the world. I think it could be the perfect virtual team event for us.

We are all really looking forward to this event, which takes during Pride Month.

While we know this is only a tiny way of supporting a cause that needs so much awareness, we hope that attending this event shows the Pride community that Creative Content Company support them. We hope this blog post also shines a much-needed light on this cause.

If you’d like more details on this event or how you can support Pride month – just give us a shout or drop us an email. Tickets can be purchased here. Hopefully we will see you on the night?