Here at Creative Content Company we are huge on supporting small businesses achieve more online. To do this, we will always offer great value prices for the services we offer. However, in recent months things have changed with our social media posting prices. They have gone up, and quite dramatically in some cases.

Previously, we were able to offer social media posting to multiple accounts for no additional cost. However, the social media scheduling tool we use has gone up, quite drastically. It’s actually gone up by just over £800 per month. An extra £800 a year we could have managed, but not an extra £800 a month.

This has meant we need to pass these costs onto our clients, sadly. We now have the set prices for frequency of posts. This is something we have always done. However, we are now charging £30 for each extra social media profile. The cost shown for social media posting stands, but just for 1 social media account.

Putting up our prices is never something we like doing. This is especially the case when the social media posting prices have had to go up so significantly, in some cases.

So, we have put our heads together and have come up with a way to make it more affordable for our clients.

  • Your Own Account

If you set up and pay for your own social media scheduling tool, we can log in to your account and schedule your posts. We can then use the same posts across your social media without the extra cost per additional account.

  • You Post

We can send you the posts to upload on your social media. You can copy and paste the posts. We will also send you the photos that you need to include in the posts. These posts can then be used on as many social media accounts as you choose. However, there will be no extra charge.

Like we said, we never like to put our prices up. But I think you’ll agree we had no choice this time. While the two options stated are not ideal, they are ways we can get around the extra charges.