When the business was in it’s early days we were asked by a business contact if we could attend her event. She wanted someone she could trust to have access to her social media. Someone that could live tweet throughout the event. The event was a huge success. The client was really pleased with our social media event support – so we created a service offering. The service offering got a page on our website. It’s sat their nicely ever since.

There hasn’t been a great deal of interest for it. That said, there was traction for the page again when  one of our clients promoted this service for live event social media support for weddings they were celebrants for. Another client promoted this service for us again during lockdown when wedding services were smaller. Our social media live event support meant we could post updates and photos from the couples day live. This was important when the whole family was unable to attend.

Until Teddi the Drag Queen hit the scenes of Peterborough. If you live in or around Peterborough, chances are that you have heard of Teddi the Drag Queen. She is a phenomenal entertainer. She can regularly be seen at The Chalkboard in Peterborough, the Iron Horse Ranch in Deeping and other establishments in the local area. Teddi is a good personal friend and needed support with some of her events. While she was doing a fantastic job of entertaining her audience, she wasn’t getting any photos of the shows. So, Teddi called us in.

We since attended a number of Teddi’s events as her social media live event support team. This has included behind the scenes photos from an upcoming Pride event, Deeping Music Festival, quiz nights and performances at local venues and so much more. For Teddi we take loads of photos and videos of the event. These are then sent straight to her and she has them ready to post her favourites on her social media.

Recently, we have also been able to offer this support to Adam of Raw The Band, who is also a social media client for a business he is the co-owner of. I attended his live show in Tallington at the weekend with my family. During the event I took lots of photos and videos that Adam was then able to use on the banks Facebook page. Again, while he and his band were performing they were not able to get these images themselves so I was able to resolve that for them.

Our live event social media support service is a service I really enjoy offering. It means I get to see really talented people in Peterborough, have a great evening or afternoon being entertained by them, and I get to help promote their entertainment business too.

If you have a live event coming up and you want some social media support for it, drop us a line. Whether it is online or in-person, we can help. We look forward to attending your event and help achieve more for your entertainment business online.