Our SEO Specialists are really excited to be going back to Grantham again. Hannah and her team at Globella have organised another Showcase Networking event and we can’t wait to be part of it. Our SEO Specialists will be in Grantham on Tuesday 7th May. They can be found at the Showcase Networking event at Belton Park Golf Club.

Here at Creative Content Company we love the Showcase Networking events. Not only are they really well organised and managed, but they offer so much more than just a networking event. The concept behind them is simple. It’s also a low cost and low maintenance event for local businesses.

You can only attend if you have a stand booked. This means there are no visitors attending the event. In turn, this means that if you talk to another business or they talk to you – both parties have everything they need. You have all your flyers, information and contact details with you. This makes networking so much easier as you’re not fishing around in your bag to find the details the person wants.

Every business has a showcase table. This is like an exhibition space. You can put any of your marketing materials on this table. These can include posters, flyers, leaflets, promotional materials, freebies and more. Whatever you use to promote your business can go on your table. Once you have set up your table and your business is ‘showcased’ to perfection – you can wander round the room.

While you’re chatting to other attendees and people in business, your business is still being showcased to others wandering around the room. Unlike networking where it’s only the people that you talk to that get to hear about your business. In this event, everyone gets to see your business, even if they don’t meet you on the day.

As we have said, it is exhibitors only and no visitors. This means that you need to book. However, this can be done here. You can also pop onto Eventbrite to see the other events that Globella have coming up.