February is Relationship Wellness Month, so we wanted to share some tips about relationship wellness with you. However, before we start it’s important to note what a relationship is. A relationship could be a romantic relationship with a partner, a friendship, a family member or even a working relationship.

Relationships are so important, and they need to be looked after. However, they are often forgotten. To mark relationship wellness month, the team had a chat (virtually) about their relationships that were important to them. From that small, virtual conversation we came up with the following relationship wellness month tips.

We hope these relationship wellness month tips help you in your relationships too.

Sarah’s top tips are as follows.

“Take time to spend quality time as a couple- date nights!  Be generous with your time, check-in with people to see how they are. Make time for yourself, it helps your mood!”

Angela said the following.

“Even while we can’t physically be with our families, it is so important to just keep in touch with regular phone calls and electronically so that they know they constantly are in our thoughts.

My husband and I take our exercise separately, partly because the dog then gets two walks a day but also because we need a break from each other too!  We have been married for 41 years and have never spent so much time together before!”

Dan shared the following ideas for relationship wellness.

“Spend quality time together and make the most of your exercise time. Get lots of fresh air together too.”

Finally, Hazel shares the following tips.

Do check-ins on friends you’re not seeing. Make an effort to create quality time with your loved one. Do regular zooms with family.

So, they were the relationship wellness tips from the team here at Creative Content Company. We would love to hear your tips and ideas relationship wellness tips too.