We have recently shared a blog post about marketing your business at Halloween. We then had a little fun and shared some straplines to help market your business at Halloween. In this blog post we would like to share with you our marketing this Halloween.

We want to do this because many of our readers are smaller businesses, and we are a small business too. By sharing our marketing this Halloween maybe other small businesses can get ideas for their own Halloween marketing and see how to can work.

Halloween Postcards

Here at Creative Content Company we love direct mail as much as we love online marketing. We sent out 100 Halloween themed postcards to our target audience that are not yet our clients. It was a gentle and friendly reminder that we are here to take away the scary parts of online marketing, along with our great value prices. Did you receive one of our Halloween postcards?

Halloween Videos

We had some Halloween videos made and these are being shown on our YouTube channel from late October. They share our services in quick, fun and simple ways. The videos use some of the Halloween straplines that we shared with you in a previous blog post. These videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel to go live every few days in the countdown to Halloween. They will then go live on our website and be shared on our social media too.

Halloween Newsletter

You may already know about our Halloween newsletter because you followed the link from it to get here. In our Halloween newsletter we shared lots of quick tips and ideas for Halloween marketing, and some Halloween videos, as mentioned above. We also included a special offer, as we always do in our email newsletters. This was sent to our target audience of businesses that are interested in our online marketing services.

Halloween Marketing Blogs

We created a series of Halloween blog posts, including this one. This links in with our goals and culture to help small businesses achieve more online. By sharing tips and ideas we were able to help and inspire others. This is something that we love being able to do!

If you need help with your marketing this Halloween, contact our team. We would be only too happy to offer some ideas or manage your online Halloween marketing for you.