In this blog post we would like to share just two of our favourite testimonials from the month of May. We do this every few months for two reasons. One, to show potential clients that we have experience in different areas. This also shows that what our clients say about us. But secondly, as a little pat on the back to ourselves. It’s also nice to be reminded that you’re doing a good job.

So, below we have our two favourite testimonials in May 2021. They are from a will writer and floor fitter for different services.

Just Wills and Legal Services – Social Media Management

“I wish to say a huge thanks to Hazel and her team for the outstanding posts on social media they have been doing.

One of the key ingredients to a growing business is through advertising and brand awareness on social media and since Hazel and her team took over this for me, enquires have gone up 50%.

I cannot recommend enough the value of using her services.”

MC Carpets and Flooring – Website Content and Blogging

“Hazel from the Creative Content Company has been writing blog posts for me for a few months now. Getting ready for when my new website goes live.

I do not have to give Hazel any ideas. Hazel takes care of it all. The topics are always relevant and professionally written.

Hazel must do plenty of market research as you would never know it was written by someone that is not a member of the industry.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hazel to anyone I meet.”

If something in one of these testimonials stood out for you and you’d like to know how we can help your business, call our team. We offer a wide range of online marketing services and training to help businesses, like yours, achieve more online.

Customer satisfaction is hugely important to us. We know that we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for our amazing clients.