Each month we share a selection of our favourite testimonials from the month before. In this blog post we share our favourite testimonials from November. We share our favourite testimonials from the month before for a few different reasons.

I think in business it is important to celebrate those small wins. For us we think getting a testimonial from a happy client is amazing. However, in the professional world of business this is probably classed as a small win. Sharing a testimonial (small win) in a blog post is a great thing to do. It’s sharing your business win.

Here at Creative Content Company we also work with a wide variety of clients and by sharing testimonials from different clients, from different industries, using different services – we are showing our target audience (you) what we can do for different businesses, like yours!

So, here are our favourite testimonials from November;

Primethorpe Paving – Blogging

Hazel’s blog posts were delivered on time and allowed us time to catch up with our content strategy while using Hazel’s articles in the meantime. Hazel was reliable and easy to work with. Thanks!

Silver Websites – White Label Blog Posts

Hazel did a number of blogs for a client of mine. She did the work at a very budget-friendly price and helped grow the client’s website by supplying well researched keyword-friendly articles.

Jotty’s Workshop – Blogging & Social Media Workshop

Hazel Cottrell created a “buzz” for our group at Jotty’s Workshop. She is highly skilled in teaching when to post, how often to post and shared some amazing tips and tricks on Social media.

The group were motivated to share their experiences on Linked In, Facebook and Instagram. They will be staying in touch to learn more from Hazel as she makes it very easy to understand what blogs works well and shared links and wonderful ideas to create engagement on Social media. The one hour session was inspirational and we look forward to welcoming her again in the future.

Thank you so much for your inspiration and well done for numerous awards and making a difference in the community!

Of course these are just our favourite testimonials from November. If you’d like to check out all our testimonials please view our testimonials page. It’s updated in the order we get the testimonials and dates right back to when the business first began in September 2013.