Every month we share our favourite testimonials from the month before. As we are on lock down due to coronavirus, this month has been a little different. We have been able to gain testimonials online from some of our newer clients as they have bigger things to get on with. However, we have been speaking to clients about case studies. (Check out our blog post on things to do when business is quiet for more details.)

As part of the case study we have asked our clients why they would recommend us to others. We thought we would share these as our favourite testimonials from March. Of course all of our other testimonials can still be seen on our testimonials page. These are just our favourite testimonials from March;

MDS Electrical – Blog Posts

Creative Content Company provides a hassle free friendly service. I know the work is being done in the background, leaving me to get on with carrying out my electrical work. They have also carried out works for some of our BNI members which I have heard very good things about. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that realises the need for this type of material in their business but simply doesn’t have the time to do it.

Thank you Creative Content Company.

Elite Events ECL – Social Media Posting and Website Content

I would recommend Creative Content Company for a number of reasons really, so in no particular order:  

1.  The personal touch – Hazel really cares about your business.  

2.  She celebrates your wins and makes you feel ten feet tall.  

3.  It is like having an extension to your internal team at your fingertips  

4.  She has massive integrity I love that she does not take on a competitor within a certain mile radius.  

5.  She is affordable and works with you on what you actually NEED in your business not what she wants to SELL.  

6. She doesn’t just do Social Media there is so much more, newsletters, campaigns, and more….

Peterborough Biscuit Business Event – Blogging

We would recommend Creative Content Company because they just get content. They know why you need a lot of it in order to get the best possible outcome for you. They work hard to get your business seen by others.

If these testimonials have tempted you to give us a try, then contact the digital marketing team now. We look forward to talking to you about your business soon.