In this blog post we share our favourite testimonials from February 2022.

Here at the Creative Content Company, we are extremely lucky to have over 250 client testimonials. These have been left by our happy clients over the last 8 years. It’s getting harder and harder to get new testimonials as the client we have leave a fab review with us when they join. However, they are still with us 2 to 3 years later, and don’t need to leave another one.

This is what makes our favourite testimonials from February 2022 even more special. One of these is from a client that used us for blogging previously and now uses our social media marketing services in Peterborough. The other is a business owner that we have worked with on various businesses in the past. This is a review thanking is for a different service, our live social media event service, at their recent event. It’s a service we hadn’t provided this business with before.

So, let’s check out our two favourite testimonials from February 2022.

Bentley Nursing SuppliesSocial Media Posting

Hazel is a very professional individual who listens and understands your specific requirements and delivers to a high standard. Once she has understood what it is you want, she can be trusted to execute this exactly.

The Peterborough Small Business AwardsLive Social Media Event Support

Hazel covered our social media for The Peterborough Small Business Awards.

I was so impressed with her live social media service. She took it upon herself to get lots of content and completely over delivered as usual.

Thanks Hazel, we look forward to using you again at another event.

We feel so lucky to have such wonderful clients that are so willing to leave such kind feedback about our services. If you would like to know more about the services these testimonials refer to, please contact us directly. Or, if you would like to join our list of happy clients, book a free online meeting to see what we can do for you.