Each month we share a few of our favourite testimonials from the month before, and this month is no different. In this blog post we share our favourite testimonials from February. This month these include some blogging training, some social media training and some website content.

Interestingly this month these testimonials were for services offered in different ways. For example, the blogging training took place over the phone. The social media training and ideas was done online. However, the web content was created from a 1-2-1 meeting. In this changing world we are able to work with clients however they choose.

So, here are our favourite testimonials from February;

Ask Sam Virtual Assistant – Blog Training

I had a one to one with Hazel around ‘Blogging’ and in a very short amount of time she gave me a very clear idea of where I needed to go and what to do next.

I’m so excited about my journey and highly recommend her services! She’s knows her stuff!!!

Qubit 8 – Social Media Training

We approached Creative Content Company for some LinkedIn post ideas for the month of February. I have lots of private details on my LinkedIn account. As I hadn’t met Hazel I asked that she create a list of posts with dates for me and I would copy and paste these to my account, instead of giving her access.

Hazel had no problem with this and very quickly turned this job around with perfect posts to promote my business.

Adept Cloud – Website Content

It was lovely to be re-acquainted with Hazel through BNI Quantum. Hazel did some work for us right at the beginning of the Adept Cloud journey.

Looking back, I realise the remit given was very scratchy and vague and probably didn’t make much sense. However, Hazel was remarkably able to unscramble the waffle and turn it into perfect website content, even though we had never met. It really brought the very essence of Adept Cloud to life but even more than that, it gave me a hook on which to focus my delivery.

I’m very excited at the prospect of working with Hazel again when the website is redesigned to reflect the next phase of Adept Cloud and our growth.

These are just some of our favourite testimonials from February. To check out all of our favourite testimonials please visit the Testimonials Page on our website.