Here at Creative Content Company, we know we are extremely lucky to have some incredible clients. We make these clients happy, and they make us happy too. We enjoy becoming part of their business and celebrating their successes, however big or small. What we also love is hearing how happy they are with our services too. For example, below our two of our favourite testimonials from June 2021.

One of these testimonials is from a nationwide charity. It talks about our social media management and consultancy. The other of our favourite testimonials from June is in regard to our live event social media support. This is a service we have offered for about 5 years. It enables the business owner to have a successful event, while knowing their social media is active and frequently updated throughout the event.

Please see below for two of our favourite testimonials from June.

National Literacy Trust – Social Media Management

“If I had to summarise the social media support from Creative Content Company I would say, super quick, punchy, positive and creative!

Thank you Hazel and your team for your fantastic support this year.  Always great to see you on zoom too, with your smiling face.

I would recommend Hazel and her creative mind to any businesses looking to boost their presence on social media.”

Teddi The Drag Queen – Live Event Social Media Posting

“Hazel has been our on the day social media assistant on several occasions. It is a dream not to worry about performing and capturing bits for social media too. As a solo act you sometimes rely on the audience to snap a decent pic or video.

However, with Hazel of Creative Content Company, you never need the stress of a badly shot picture or video again. She takes a plethora of images and videos for you to choose from. All images and videos are high quality and usable in many differing marketing environments.

As ever Hazel has a speedy delivery time too. Without her I do not know how I would be able to publicise my business whilst doing my gigs.”

If you would like to join our list of over 200 happy clients, call our team now. We will happily discuss the online marketing services in Peterborough we can offer and how they can help your business.