If you’ve worked with us before for content marketing or social media, you’ll know we are all about making our clients happy. We believe that we are only as good as our clients believe we are. Our services are well priced, we offer good value for money and we always try to exceed expectations.

So, when we get testimonials from our clients – it’s next level happiness!

These clients are so happy with our services that they want to put their name against our business and recommend us publicly to others. It’s a great feeling and one that will never get old.

This is our favourite testimonial of October from a company in Peterborough. We manage their social media posting. This is what they had to say about our services.

CS Heating Specialists

Just wanted to share a short testimonial for Hazel at the Creative Content Company. Hazel is a fellow member at BNI and helps us with our social media posting and management.

We met Hazel upon joining BNI a few months ago. She was bubbly and full of life and we were interested to find out more about what she does and is so passionate about.

Max and I discussed how Hazel could help CS Heating and asked her more to which she was very helpful, and after a 121 meeting, she was an admin on our Facebook page and raring to go.

She posts multiple times a week on Facebook on our behalf as we are very busy working to keep all your guys warm and toasty. She is very approachable and understanding of our business needs and due to her commitment to help our business grow, we are getting more and more followers and engagement daily.

Thanks for all you do Hazel!

I’m sure you can tell why this was our favourite testimonial of October. However, if you’d like to check out our other favourite testimonials you can view our blogs here. Alternatively, pop along to our testimonials page to see what other clients are saying about us.