Here at Creative Content Company we are very lucky to have such amazing clients. The lockdown period was tough for us, just as it was for many other businesses. We had a lot of our clients go on hold pretty much overnight in March. It was an uncomfortable few months for us.

However, it was our clients and our network that kept us going. Which brings us onto our favourite testimonial from September.

Our favourite testimonial from September was actually from BNI Quantum. We have been a member of BNI for just under one year. During our time as members we have taken on the role of social media management.

It was lovely to have got this feedback and testimonial during lockdown from Martin, the president of BNI Quantum. This is what he had to say;

“I would like to thank you in writing for your continued support of our BNI Quantum chapter’s social media management.

It seems that every time I log on to social media, there is a post about one of our members in the news feed telling the world about who they are and what they’ve done at a meeting recently.

It’s great to see BNI Quantum being shared out there, increasing people’s awareness of us and I thank you for your efforts. Especially as you are doing this off your own back as our group expert, for the greater good of everyone in the chapter.

Thank you for all your great work. I would of course have no hesitation in recommending you to any company in need of your services in the future.”

It is lovely to be thanked and recognised for our hard work and this testimonial came at the perfect time for us. When business was tough, our spirits were raised. If you are looking for someone to manage your organisations social media presence, then maybe give us a try?

We can help boost your brand awareness and visibility to help you achieve more online – just like Martin says above in our favourite testimonial from September.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to network in Peterborough – why not give BNI a try? We are currently online so it’s free to attend. Just let me know and I will send you an invite.