Lockdown has been very tough for a lot of businesses. We had a few clients go on hold. Sadly, we lost some clients during the various lockdown and tier changes in 2020. However, we also gained some new clients during 2020 too. One of these new clients left us, what is now known as, our favourite testimonial from December.

This client was painting and decorating company Colours of Cambridge. Scott was looking for help with his social media management. He didn’t know what he should be posting. Scott also didn’t have the time to post on social media either.

He was talking to Adam and Max of CS Heating Supplies. They are another client that joined us in 2020. Adam and Max couldn’t recommend us highly enough, so he put us on the list to call. He was later discussing social media with another tradesperson. They also recommended that Scott spoke to us – so he did.

We have been managing the social media for Scott, Colours of Cambridge and his other company page for a few months now. This is a testimonial he kindly left for us in December. I’m sure you’ll be able to see why it was chosen as out favourite testimonial from December.

Colours of Cambridge

I have tried for many years to keep my Social Media Sites up to date with not much success.

Then I was recommended by Max & Adam of CS Heating Services, to use Hazel and her company; Creative Content Company.

I was also working for a local tradesman. He swore by Hazel’s work at how it had helped himself to get so busy. I thought let’s go for it.

The work she has carried out for my two companies in the past 2 months has been awesome. Once I went live and invited friends, colleagues and general contacts I was surprised how many people ‘liked’ the pages. I owe that to Hazel’s Content.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her work and look forward to using her skills for many years to come.

Scott White.

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