We are finally moving into our new office. It had taken a while with strange requests for my flooring, along with random wall vinyl queries and internet installation concerns. However, we are now moving into the new office and it is looking fantastic. Check out our social media profiles to see how well the office is coming together – and why the flooring was such a nightmare for all involved!

I wanted to take this chance to just run through how we are managing through coronavirus. It’s our coronavirus update if you like. While the services we offer and how the business is run will be the same, we are doing some things differently.

  • All our meetings will be completed virtually. For the time being we will not have meetings at our new office on a face-to-face basis. You can view the diary for availability through the online bookings page. This will allow you to book a free meeting, and you can see the office virtually – just no delicious coffee and biscuits I’m afraid!
  • For those that need to attend the office as a matter of urgency; suppliers or deliveries for example, things will be slightly different again. The buzzer at the entrance can be pressed and I will let you in to drop off your parcel. I will then come and collect the parcel once you have left. If the parcel needs to be brought to the office I will direct you to Suite 2 and keep a 2m distance at all times. Sanitiser is available as you enter the building and as you enter the office.
  • Hazel shall be working from the new office, but colleagues will be working from home. As you’ll have seen, we employed Sarah at the beginning of March. She began working from home a few weeks into her employment and will stay this way for the time being. Angela will also continue to work from home. The team do not need to be in the office and therefore, for their safety, will be working from home.
  • If those I live with or I notice any symptoms of coronavirus we will work from home with immediate effect. During this time we will still be available for virtual meetings, calls and to complete services and workloads – while good health allows. If this virus meant there would be a delay on work, we will inform clients immediately.

I know our coronavirus update is all very formal and perhaps boring. However, we want you to know our new rules in regards to the lockdown lifting. The safety of our team, our clients and our business community is important to us.

Have you shared a coronavirus update for your business? What changes have you made?