Here at Creative Content Company we are thrilled to be a whopping 6 years old (plus some months). We know that it has taken a lot of hard work to get this point. However, we also know that if it wasn’t for our amazing clients, we would not have got this far. It’s our clients supporting us month after month, and recommending us to others, that has got us this far. Our clients are special tous.

So, how do we show our clients that they are special to us?

Of course we always say thank you, that’s a given. Every month Angela sends out an invoice to our clients she includes a thank-you. We thank our clients for choosing to work with us. After all, there are lots more businesses out there doing what we do, but they choose us.

We also send treats, and these come in different shapes and sizes.

For example, to celebrate our 6th birthday we sent branded dinosaur cuddly toys to all of our clients. For Christmas 2019 some of our clients got little Christmas treats, others got hampers. Some clients got personalised coasters and a branded bottle of mulled wine too! We know it is only a little something. However, it is still something that shows the business owner that we are grateful to them for choosing to work with us.

So, when 2020 came round we know we wanted to start the year by reminding our clients how great they are. We had sweet hampers wrapped and delivered to all of our clients. They were sent to their homes or businesses for the start of the first full week back at work.

Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas holidays is never easy. We hoped that a sweet hamper, beautifully wrapped and on their desk when they walked in on Monday, was a lovely way to start the week and the New Year.

We have another little treat for our clients in June, and again in September. If you want to know what it is then you’ll have to speak to us about how we can work together. You’ll get great quality marketing work and little treats along the way too! Our clients are special to us, we want them to know that!