We’ve spoken about the design of your newsletter, we’ve spoken about effective content for your newsletter but now we are going to give you some top tips for organising your newsletter for ultimate effectiveness. Ready? Let’s Go!

Size Matters: Don’t over-size the email newsletter template, the average is email width is around 600 pixels and it’s no coincidence that 600 pixels in width is also the recommended size for an email newsletter template.

Think About Columns: Consider having 2 or 3 columns on your newsletter to help gets lots of information in without making the newsletter long or busy. On our newsletter we have a block at the top and then two columns as this really helps us maximise the space and make it easy for the reader to digest.

Get On With It: Start your email newsletter with a call to action, this could be in the reading pane or preview pane of the readers emails and you don’t want to waste this space with something that may be easy to forget. Instead go with a clear call to action making it irresistible for the reader to click through.

Call In Text: Try not to embed your call to action in an image or as part of a button, it may be tempting as a way to make it stand out but if the images don’t load when the reader opens the email (very common), they will miss the call to action and it could be a wasted email newsletter. You can always amplify the call to action with an image if you want?

Did you know that the average person spends 51 seconds reading an email newsletter? How can you make them read your newsletter for longer, or even click through to your website from a link?

If you’re not sure how organised your newsletter is then give us a call, we’re always happy to give you our honest feedback to help you achieve more from your email marketing.