I’ve been raving about Connect Business Networking in Peterborough for what may seem like years now; but actually it is only less than a year! How do I know this? I know this because Connect Business Networking in Peterborough is celebrating its 1st birthday on Thursday 25th October.

Not only are we moving venue for our breakfast networking event to The Cresset; we are also having a very special breakfast with a celebratory difference!

On top of that we are having an Open Day where anyone from any business can come and join us to network and celebrate!

If you’re not a member of Connect Business Networking all you need to do is pay £15 when you book in advance. Then just turn up on the day for networking fun, breakfast, mingling, 50 second pitches, 1-2-1 wildcard rounds, presentations and much more.

I love Connect Business Networking because it is an awesome networking group. It’s just £50 a month with breakfast, bi-weekly meetings and everything included. The venue is great, the breakfast is delicious, the other members are awesome.

I am always learning new things at the networking event, meeting new people and building stronger relationships with other members in the group.

Plus – it’s great for me financially too!

Like I said; it is £50 a month. In September I got nearly £600 worth of business from the group – and was able to give £195 to one member of the group and £50 worth of business to a guest to the networking event.

At our Open Day / 1st Birthday Party, group organiser Jason Yearwood wants 60 businesses in the room. I have taken this as a challenge!

It’s a friendly, informal and welcoming networking group in Peterborough that have a structure / layout that works for many businesses. I strongly recommend you come along and give it a go. For £15 what have you really go to lose?

Please contact me directly if you’d like to come along to the Connect Business Networking Open Day; it would be great to see you there!