The team here at Creative Content Company were thrilled to have been contacted by Compare the Market and Peterborough council groups to get involved in a project called Open City. OpenCity is a project that is being created on Long Causeway and helps the businesses of Peterborough with promotion in the City Centre.
There is a 32inch screen being placed on Long Causeway, a meeting at the Town Hall on 1st October will involve local businesses and techy people who will come together to thrash out ideas about what they would like from the screen. It could include all sorts of things including Twitter Feeds from local shops in the city centre offering 
special promotions, the screen could be voice activated or whistle at people walking by, there could be a live scoring feed from local sports events and all sorts of things.

The options of what the screen could do are endless and this is why it is such an excellent project for the Creative Content Company to get involved in. As a Peterborough based business the OpenCity project is going to be an excellent project for us to really get our teeth into.

After this meeting there will be a 48hr hack-a-thon in November where the techie minded people of Peterborough and surrounding areas will come together to create all the technical parts required for the screen.

We have been asked to manage the OpenCity social media campaign; this is currently taking place on Twitter. This is an excellent community event that we are over the moon to be involved with, alongside other local businesses in Peterborough.

Please do visit the OpenCity website ( where you can see all the latest news and find out what’s going on, catch up with local businesses on Twitter @OpenCityUK and if you know anyone that may be interested in this project get them to drop us a line. When it comes to community projects, it really is the more the merrier.