As many of you will know, here at Creative Content Company we do a lot of voluntary things and help make our community a better place for everyone; while we love doing things for others we also know that there is only so much we can do, but by telling others about what we are doing and encouraging others to do more, we can achieve so much more as more people are doing it.

Zoe Phillips is someone that thinks similarly to us, not only is she a successful coach, she is also an amazing person in her community who is keen to help others and her local community; she has been to our prison events with us as both a guest speaker on achievement days and also for our careers awareness days.

Zoe has recently launched as and when, not only were we lucky enough to be part of her amazing video showing some of the people in Peterborough and the amazing things they do, but we were also at the launch event recently too – which was a brilliant event with a great turn out.

As and When is a not-for-profit company that allows people to ask for help but also offer help; for example I have been sharing things like social media reviews for free to small and start-up businesses or charities as well as opportunities for others to help in the community – such as volunteering with the homeless project Light Project Peterborough, or mentoring people with special needs in schools or prisons around Peterborough.

The website is a brilliant idea, you use ‘points’ to ask for help, you gain points when you offer of help is accepted and you can be given (and give) testimonials that you can then share on social media or your website.

The most important / exciting part of As and When perhaps is the fact that it has launched in Peterborough; this means as other people around the country use it they will see how much the people of Peterborough are working to help others and we can be a shining example for the rest of the UK.

Why not have a look at the website today and see how you can be of help or any help that may be available to you.