I cannot stress enough how important it is that you use capital letters for each word in a hash tag, I said it before when Susan Boyle from Britains Got Talent invited everyone to join her for an anal bum party by starting #susanalbumparty – What was meant to be tweeted was Susan Album Party, but without the correct capital letters it was read as Sus Anal Bum Party.

Now Iceland are inviting everyone to join them for an anal bum party to celebrate Ed Sheerans latest album with someone twitters now second guessing the real reason that mum’s go to Iceland.

Iceland Foods twitter account recently tweeted;

To celebrate @EdSheeran’s album in selected stores, we’re having a pizza party? Just look at this Deep Pan photo album! #deeppanalbumparty

The hashtag in the tweet was meant to read Deep Pan Album Party, but due to lack of capital letters it could be (and has been) read as Deep Anal Bum Party, yes this is at a skim read, ignoring the second ‘p’ – but even so it is a slightly embarrassing tweet that could easily have been avoided if each word could have been marked with a capital letter in the tweet.

Hashtags are great when they are used correctly, so make sure you use capital letters to sue your hashtags in the right way.

It’s similar to grammar as well, many of us will have heard of the children that ate Grandma for tea by writing “Let’s Eat Grandma” instead of “Let’s Eat Grandma” – or perhaps “I love cooking my dogs and my children” when they meant “I love cooking, my dogs and my children”.

These mean very different things – just as the hashtags do as well, so make sure you take the time to double check. If the capital letters start each word in the hashtag then awkward or embarrassing words and sentences cannot be seen, meanwhile missing out those all important capital letters can make it so much worse.