As we go back into lockdown, more people will once again me falling back on social media platforms. Whether this is for latest news, to see friends, to waste endless hours or to check out what everyone else is up to – people are heading back to social media. This means that now is the time to be more active on social media.

If you haven’t used social media for your business before, or you use it rarely – use it more! If nothing else, your friends and family will see the content and share it. This opens your business and brand up to a wider audience. This could be your chance for your business to go viral. All through a few friends scrolling for hours through Facebook.

Lots of the social media platforms out there are pushing paid ad campaigns. This can be really costly, and you might now actually need them for your business. Here at Creative Content Company we have never used paid ads. That said – when done right, paid ads do work. We just chose not to use them.

(If you are interested in promoting your business through paid ads, we would recommend you speak to Alex at Brilliant Digital – this guy really knows his stuff!)

All your traditional social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are still free to use. They will help you get more traffic to your website and grow your brand awareness too.

You don’t always need to spend money to make the most of these social media platforms. Instead, you just need to create a business profile on the pages and get sharing. Now is the time to be more active on social media – but not more salesy. Think about sharing informative and interesting content. This encourages your audience to like and share your posts, but also engage with you.

There is no guarantee that social media will make you sales and gain more leads for your business. However, it is a great brand awareness and free marketing platform. You just need to invest your time.

If you need help with social media training or would like us to post on your social media for you; give us a call.

Remember; now is the time to be more active on social media! So, what are you waiting for; get to it!