In 2016 and 2015 I was lucky enough to win Unsung Hero Award, and I was also nominated for Inspiration Award last year. These are awards for women in technology across East Anglia and are designed to recognise those women who work in the industry while inspiring the next generation to join the industry too.

These awards are absolutely incredible and unlike other awards are free to enter and if you are short-listed it is free to attend too; unlike other awards that may cost you £80+ just to go along and find out you haven’t won.

Last year there was a competition between Norwich and Ipswich to see which area could win the most awards; I was the only person shortlisted from Peterborough and even Cambridgeshire so I have taken on the challenge – can we match the nominations from Ipswich and Norwich or even beat the other areas and win the most awards?

Please help me put Peterborough on the map with DevelopHER awards for women in technology!

Nominations opened on 29th May and will be open until 4th September and there are loads that you can nominate people for such as;

Apprentice Award

Do you have an awesome apprentice working for you that is proving to be an excellent addition to the digital and tech industry?

Digital Marketer Award

Do you know someone that has done a fantastic job of marketing a digital product? Then why not nominate them for this award?

Entrepreneur Award

This is an award that I would love to win, it is for someone that runs their own successful business and always comes up with new ways and improvements to make their business better. This is something I would like to think we always do here at Creative Content Company as we strive to always improve the customer experience.

Inspiration Award

This is the award I was shortlisted for last year but sadly just missed the mark; it is for someone that inspires others in their career and someone that is looked up to.

Unsung Hero Award

This is an award for someone that always does amazing things behind the scenes but perhaps isn’t recognised for doing so. I have been lucky enough to win this award for the last 2 years in a row. Of course I would love to win it again but I am unsure how long you can be unsung for?

If you know someone in East Anglia that you think fits the bill (especially if they’re in Peterborough), then please do nominate them.

There are lots of others DevelopHER awards that you can nominate people for, you can view them all here.