As you may have seen from my recent posts on social media, I had a male client come in to talk about his relatively new business and how we could help achieve more on line – of course he required a hot beverage and this was when ‘disaster’ struck… I had a choice of 3 mugs.

The mugs I had were Number One Girlfriend, Hello Missus and You’re My Favourite Girl – my Banksy one is my favourite so this was the one that was currently in use, by me. While in conversation with the client I had to pour my drink into another mug and wash up the Banksy mug for his tea.

Meanwhile I tweeted a picture of the three mug options I had available, much to the amusement of my fans and followers on social media. However the meeting continued, the male client made no obvious comments of mug choices and we signed him up for social media management.

The very next day I had a call from Zoe, she was at my office and wanted to check it was okay to come in. Zoe is an incredible life coach and friend that I have known for a couple of years now. She had seen my post on social media and came bearing a set of 4 colourful mugs. I loved them. Zoe was happy to help as she is in the middle of her ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ challenge.

A few days later my friend gave me a boxed gift ‘just because’ – inside I found 2 brilliant mugs. Orange interiors and handles and my company logo on one side and a picture of me on the other… who wouldn’t want to drink out of a mug like that?

Then, a few days after that I was given a gift by an attendee of Creative Networking, she had also seen my post on social media and wanted to give me a gift to say thank-you for all the leads and recommendations I had passed her; a boxed gift was handed to me and inside were two more mugs, orange interior and handles, with the Creative Networking logo on the side.

But why a need for this blog – well for three reasons really.

Firstly: Thank you to the three lovely ladies for my 8 new mugs, there bright colours have certainly brightened up my workplace.

Secondly: To show that social media really does work, people read posts and the people that use social media are actually pretty friendly and will help where they can… even when you don’t ask for help!

Thirdly: I now have 12 mugs that are sat collecting dust… who wants to come in and see me for a tea or coffee? (I will wash the dust out first for you).