I was trying to think of a fun way to raise money for the NHS and have come up with a crazy idea that I thought you might like too! It’s the NHS Fundraiser Dance Party on Saturday 2nd May.

It involves a LOT of dancing and hopefully lots of money being raised too for our NHS heroes.

10am: 45 minutes of YMCA
11am: 45 minutes of Macarena
12noon: 45 minutes of Cha Cha Slide
1pm: 45 minutes of The Chicken Dance
2pm: 45 minutes of Saturday Night

This is all being done live on Zoom.

Here are YOUR options;

1. You can join for the full time. Get people to sponsor you to keep dancing from 10am until 2.45pm.

2. You could pop on for just one dance. Get sponsored to dance for 45 minutes to the song of your choice at the time stated above.

3. You can sponsor me to do it, join in a dance if you like or just watch. Don’t forget to send the dancers your best wishes in the ‘chat’ function.

I think the NHS Fundraiser Dance Party will be an awesome fundraising opportunity. It will be some fun for us all too. This is an open event. Please feel free to invite friends and family. It’s definitely a family friendly event too, so get the kids involved.

Just let me know which Zoom dances you want to be part of and I will send you the zoom log-ins you need.

I have a JustGiving page for the NHS Fundraiser Dance Party and a team page too, so you can set up your own Just Giving page as part of them team and then raise money for completing the Dance Party Challenge too. This will be great fun, you will have the tunes stuck in your head and you will get sweaty.

But you’ll also be raising money for our amazing NHS.

How will you get involved in the NHS Fundraiser Dance Party. Will you join for the 5 dances, pop on for 1 or 2 or would you prefer to sponsor me instead? The choice is yours! Please, please, please share with others – the more the merrier!