As its January it is only expected that we would set some New Year’s Resolutions for the business, many other business owners are doing exactly the same thing but maybe all other businesses are going as public as we are. 

We wanted to share our New Year’s Resolutions with you because we understand from Katie Hart of Rhetonic, that women are more likely to keep their resolutions if they tell people, where as men are more likely to keep their resolutions if they set specific targets and goals. As Creative Content Company is owned by a woman it makes sense that we share our goals with you – of course we will not go into exact details but instead we would like to inspire you to set business goals yourself. Even making them public to give you 22% more chance of achieving your resolutions.

Firstly, we want to work with more web designers. We have come across so many business owners that are working with web designers and there is a hold up as they need to provide the content and don’t know where to start. We want to work with website designers to offer that content for the client so the client gets their website quicker and the web design gets paid quicker as the website is competed sooner.

Secondly, we are really keen to work with more start-up businesses through our review sessions. Every month we run a free review session is Bewiched Coffee Shop where we spend 30 minutes with each client before creating a ‘to-do’ list with them that is for them to work on and then be reviewed at the review session next month. This has been really successful in 2015 and has helped lots more start-up businesses achieve more.

Thirdly, we want to do more in the community, or at least the same amount of community and charity work we have done in 2015. This will include another VisionShift project in prison, more help with Peterborough Light Project and more teaching in Peterborough Prison – along with our networking events and support with local school events and such like.

Now it’s your turn; what are your resolutions for the year ahead? Are you feeling brave enough to go public with them and tell the world?