Here at Creative Content Company we are often asked by business owners if they should have a News Page on their website, a Blog Page on their website or a News Page and a Blog Page on their website so we thought we would but this blog post together to help answer the question.

The first question is ‘Are you going to use it?’ – For there to be any point in having a blog page or news page you need to actually use it. By this we mean that either page needs to be updated at least once a month as an absolute minimum, but ideally once or twice a week. This isn’t just once a month for a few months and then you can forget about it, we mean once a month, every month – no matter what.

Now you need to think about what articles you are going to write, if you’re going to write articles about the latest news in your industry then this should be on a news page. However, if you are going to write friendly, informal or engaging posts then these would be classes as blog posts. These could be about your business, tips for your potential clients, your take on industry news or just articles that you think your target audience would be interested in and such like.

If you’re sat there thinking that you want to write both types of articles ask yourself if you can do one per page, every single month. Yes you can have a News Page and a Blog Page on your website, but only if you are going to use them both. It’s pointless to have a page on your website that shares the ‘latest news and updates’ if it hasn’t been touched for 6 months!

Of course we are always hereto help you, if you feel you need a few blog posts to get you started or you’re having a busy few months and need a hand to keep your Blog Page or News Page up to date then give us a call. Our content writers are always happy to help!