Many of us set New Year’s Resolutions and goals for the year ahead. These are sometimes personal goals, and other times they are business goals. If your business goal for the year ahead is to send monthly e-newsletters then we can help.

In this blog post we will tell you how you can do it yourself, with the help of Mailchimp.

We will also tell you how much it will cost you to get us to do it for you. We have given you a full price if you want to pay for the year in advance, or if you would rather make monthly payments. We are happy to work however it works best for you.

Doing Monthly Email Newsletters Yourself

If you have found that this is something that you put off doing each month, or do sporadically and don’t send monthly or at the same time each month then why not schedule your monthly email newsletters for the year ahead?

By using a tool like Mailchimp you can set up the template and create a year’s worth of monthly newsletters. You can then use Mailchimp to schedule them to go out on a set date each month. As you add more people to your mailing list they will get the email newsletter too.

Think about what you want to talk about in your newsletter each month. Consider different celebrations and holidays such as the summer holidays, valentines, Halloween, etc. If these relate to your business then find ways of promoting them in your email newsletters.

By creating a template you can choose how the newsletter will look each month. All you need to do is write the first one, save it and then edit the content for the second one, and so on.

We recommend having the company logo and brief introduction at the top, then a bit about latest news or what has happened in the last month / since the last newsletter. Under that you can have links to blog posts, relevant or interesting articles, special offers or competitions.

Outsourcing Monthly Email Newsletters

There are different ways that you can outsource your email newsletters to us. We have listed some of these options below for you.

We can create the email newsletter template for you. We can do this for a one off fee of £50 and then you, or we, can use this template for all your monthly email newsletters.

We can set up and schedule your email newsletters for the year ahead, completing one a month and choosing the date it will be sent to your mailing list. This would cost a one off fee of £480, which works out at £40 per newsletter.

We can set up an email newsletter each month for you. You wouldn’t be tied into a contract and we can create them as and when you choose. This would cost £50 a month and it would be an ongoing monthly payment for as long as you would like us to create your monthly email newsletters.

You can achieve the New Year’s resolutions for your business. You just need to make the time to do it yourself, or outsource it to the right company.