We are currently working with an incredible web designer in Peterborough, called Kevin Blackledge. He is creating the perfect website for Creative Content Company. It will be very similar to the lay out and style of our current website. However, with a few changes that will make things a lot easier, and better for Creative Content Company and our audience.

The issue is, as a business owner, you will always have lots going on. Your clients and their needs will always come first. But sadly, this has meant that our own needs have fallen to the wayside. Leaving us with a website that was no longer working for us, regardless of the support from the awesome web designers we were working with.

While we knew we needed to update the website and get it mobile friendly, we just didn’t have the time. It is only this year that we have really sat down and looked at what needs to be done.

What’s Better For Visitors

  • The website will load much quicker. This means you won’t need to wait as long to see exciting blog posts and affordable services.
  • Old blog posts will be easier to find. We have written over 1,000 blog posts over the last 5 years (as web designer Kevin is finding out). Some of these are still really useful. We want them to be easier to find by having them all in one place and with categories too.
  • They’ll be videos too. These will be professional videos that have been made by Stick Around Productions. Also our regular vlogs that we do live through Periscope. These show the sort of people you work with when working with Creative Content Company.
  • Our new website will also be laid out in a much better way so you can easily find what you are looking for. Along with what we offer and what the cost will be.
  • You’ll be able to subscribe to our monthly newsletter at the click of a button. So you can then get latest news and exciting special offers. These are only for newsletter subscribers.
  • It will be mobile friendly. This is something that we have definitely fallen behind with in recent years. Our content is being seen on mobile phones, but the web version. This means people are having to zoom in and out to read the content and click the tabs.

What’s Better For Us?

  • The website is easier to use and upload to so we can post more blogs and quicker too. This means we can share more help and ideas to our audience. As well as get work done quicker for our clients.
  • The new website will be more SEO friendly. This means it will rank higher on search engines such as Google. We think this will really help the business.

If you’d like help getting the most from your website, then why not book for a website review. Alternatively speak to Kevin Blackledge about creating a new website for your business?

Our top tip; don’t fall behind when it comes to updating your website.

You may get annoyed with your web designer nagging you to update this and that on your website. However, they are doing it for your good and not their own. We learned this the hard way and had a very outdated website!