If you have ever met Hazel of Creative Content Company, or visited our offices, you will know that we have won 12 business awards in just over 5 years. This is something that did not happen easily. However, it has achieved amazing things for our business.

If you are on the fence about entering a small business award then take a look at our blog post. It talks about how winning a business award can help your business.

Over the last year we have been asked by business owners if we can write their award applications for them. This is something we have been doing over the last year.

We wrote award applications for winners and finalists of the SME Cambridgeshire Awards. As well as Small Awards UK and Small Business Awards UK. We also did award entry writing for Hairdressing Awards UK and Small Business Awards Peterborough.

The reason we offer this as a service is because business owners often don’t have the time to complete award application forms. They are busy running their business.

We also offer award entry writing because business owners don’t enjoy bragging about the successes of their business. Or don’t like being faced with a blank page. Sometimes they don’t know what answers the judging panel might expect.

Through our new service of award entry writing we will write your award application on your behalf. We will talk about the awards that you would like to win for your business. We will then take the time to talk to you to understand your hopes and dreams, your business and what you do.

This will then give us everything we need to know to complete your award application on your behalf. We will answer all the questions truthfully and give the judges the answers they want, in the way they want to read them.

We don’t guarantee that our award application writing service will ensure you win the award. But you’ll have a better chance of winning with our application, than if you don’t enter at all. Or if you leave it until the last minute and then rush to complete and send it.