If you have seen our social media presence, ever attended Connect Business Networking, seen previous blog posts or asked about networking – you will know that we are huge fans of Connect Business Networking in Peterborough. This is networking group of which we are a member. We attend the event every other week on a Thursday morning.

This group has helped us grow personally in confidence, knowledge and skills. We have some really strong personal and business relationships with others in the room. It has grown the awareness of the business. Also business / sales of Creative Content Company too.

Evening networking does not usually work for us as we do early mornings and late afternoons/ We have evenings off as a rule. However, we are looking forward to attending the 3rd Connect After Hours on 11th September.

The third event I hear you ask?

Yes! We are a bit late to the party if we’re honest. The first Connect After Hours event was in July. However, we were doing a presentation in Cambridge at the same time. The second Connect After Hours evening event was in August when we were on holiday in Hastings.

So, finally we have been able to book ourselves on the for the event in September.

This event claims to be like no other evening networking event.

We are looking forward to attending this event as we know that anything that is organised Tracey and Jason Yearwood will be awesome. As a business and personally, we love Connect Business Networking in Peterborough and are happy to support their events.

We know that morning events just don’t work for some people in business, whereas evenings work much better for some. This means we will be able to see lots more people and new faces on the networking scene, which is never a bad thing.

If you would like to try out a (relatively) new evening event, networking in Peterborough then why not book yourself a space?

If you’re nervous of attending new networking events then drop me a line and I can meet you outside if you’d like. However, I can assure you that this group is extremely friendly and welcoming. You will feel at home as soon as you arrive and you’ll wonder what you were ever nervous about.