When you are a new business social media and managing your social media often seems like one more thing to worry about so here at Creative Content Company we thought we would give you a helping hand – in this blog post we have put together some top tips to help get you started in social media for your business;

  • As with everything in business, you need to set yourself goals and by setting yourself and defining those goals for the social media of your business you will increase your chances of success – try something like increasing engagement, likes or reach by 10% as a good starting point.
  • You need to make sure you measure what you are doing on social media too, have a look at Twitter and see how many people are viewing, engaging and sharing your tweets, look at Facebook Insights to see if you’re doing better or worse on Facebook and why and look at Google Analytics to see if people are going from your social media accounts to your website.
  • It’s not all about posting on social media, you need to engage too – talk to people, not at them so set time aside each week to chat to followers, follow new people and improve and grow your relationship with your fans and followers.
  • Don’t go too in depth, keep your posts, tweets and updates plain, simple and to the point and try and add an image too – research shows that you can increase the engagement up to 180% by adding a photo or video to your post, update or tweet.
  • Remember that managing your social media accounts does take time and it isn’t always easy but with hard work and focus you will get there.

If you’re struggling getting your social media started or you’re starting to lose focus give us a call, we can manage your social media account for a short while, a month or two, until you’re ready to take it on again.