Businesses are always wanting to post more frequently on social media, but sometimes they don’t know how to. Other times they are just not sure what to put on social media or how they can post frequently.

This is why we have started offering Hootsuite training online via Zoom. Our online Hootsuite training takes no longer than 40 minutes and gives you ideas of things to post and how to schedule social media posts with ease.

We have always offered face to face Hootsuite training at our office or we travel to a business. The cornavirus lock down means that face to face isn’t possible. However, there is nothing stopping us offering online Hootsuite training and in some cases it is actually easier.

Hazel, the owner and founder or Creative Content Company recently ran an online Hootsuite training session with Michele or Allbright Property Maintenance. This is what Michele emailed us shortly after completing the Zoom Hootsuite training in just 35 minutes.

“I wanted to give you some feedback on the absolutely brilliant Hootsuite Training course I attended with Hazel online. 

With our busy workload it was becoming difficult to find the time to post everyday on our social media.

We recognise we need to do this for our Business profile but the logistics of finding the time don’t always work.

Hazel was able to talk me through a step by step process on how to use and schedule our posts. 30!! at one time. 

Being able to post to all our social media in one go is a game changer.

I will be recommending your course as it was enjoyable from start to finish. 

I am now able to employ the skills and tips you have taught me with great results almost immediately.

Thanks again Hazel, a fantastic new tool to help the business.”

If you want to post more frequently on social media but you don’t have the time, we would like to prove you wrong! Contact the team now to book your 40 minute Hootsuite training session for just £50. These sessions can only be offered on a one-to-one basis, but we can offer a discount for multiple team members or employees from one business.