If you are doing a one-off presentation or you regularly present – do you have footage of this? Having snippets of content created from a presentation is a great idea. It gives you real-life content to share on social media pages, your website or even to launch your business on TikTok.

This is a service we offer to a lot of our clients. It means that they can focus on their presentation and smashing it in front of their audience. Meanwhile, we are creating the content to be seen by a wider audience, days, weeks and even months in the future.

Later in May we are attending the Little Miracles May Networking Event to support a client who needs content created from a presentation. This client is Helen Rome of Elite Events ECL. She is the guest speaker at their next event. She has been hoping to make it onto TikTok for some time. Helen has been creating some great content for Facebook Live at previous events. However, this will be next level for her.

Helen will only be speaking for a short amount of time. However, she will be giving a lot of quality content within this time. Our team of online marketers will be there to capture this content. This will enable Helen to share the high-quality content online, within informal video snippets.

These videos will be short and snappy. In addition, they will show the real Helen. They will show why people should choose to work with her and Elite Events ECL. Out of a 20-to-30-minute presentation we will be able to create at least 5-6 videos. These are bite-size videos Helen can use across her online presence. Sharing one of these a week, for example, could do wonders for her SEO. It will also give her target audience regular and useful content that they can easily learn from.

Helen and her team at Elite Events ECL can use the content created from a presentation to recommend themselves as guest speakers at future events. They can use them to promote the business and their services too. The content in the videos created from a presentation can be used on LinkedIn, X, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. They are short and snappy, making them bite-size content that her audience will enjoy.

Need content created from a presentation you are doing? Contact our content creation team now.