It’s all well and good telling you that I am an engaging public speaker in Peterborough, but anyone can say that!

I was recently asked to speak at the Cambridge Social Media MeetUp. This is an event and group run by Lenka Koppova. I was invited to talk about my business story to encourage others to start their own business. During my talk I included social media advice and guidance for content creation too.

Need An Engaging Public Speaker In Peterborough?

Within 3 days of doing my talk I received the following testimonials from 4 people that were at the event.

I can tell you that I am an engaging public speaker in Peterborough, but of course I would say that. So instead I will let these reviews tell you that I am an engaging public speaker in Peterborough;

Frameworks Education Group

Two days ago, I attended my first social media event where Hazel was the speaker. She walked us through her incredible stories that led her to massive achievements. The way she introduced herself, with so much ease and fun, made me realise how inspiring she is! As we live in a culture that pushes us to be serious, all about rules, pragmatism and work work work, she breaks these rules and shows us the best way of surviving this world: to be good at being one-true-self and not being afraid of recognising that -although this way of being may not fit in the generally predominant corporate culture- one can find their way out of it and still be incredibly successful. Thanks for sharing your advice! Sharing is indeed caring.

Eloide Giuge Photography

Hazel did a great talk at Cambridge Social Media last night. She is a ball of energy and shared her wealth of knowledge and experience of content creation very openly. She is passionate and says is at is it – which is very refreshing! Thanks Hazel!

Run With Caroline

I recently attended a workshop led by Hazel where she discussed content creation, blogging and social media. Hazel is very knowledgeable about all things content creation and gave me some great advice. Hazel’s enthusiasm for content creation is infectious and you can’t help but smile when you’re around her. Thanks Hazel!

Tela Digital Agency

Hazel lead a social media meetup group that I attended recently and it was a really good experience. I have been working in digital for almost a year now and so wanted to go along to expand my knowledge of social media a bit more so went along to this group which I managed to do. Thank you for the speech, I learnt a lot!

If you’re looking for an engaging public speaker in Peterborough for your event, then why not give me a call?