The government have announced a £20 million new funding. This has been created to help smaller businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic effects. The new funding will be available to small and medium sized business in the UK. Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000. These will be available to cover the costs of new equipment, technology and / or specialist advice.

The grants will be available to small and medium sized businesses that need help getting back on track, post COVID-19. This funding could help with professional, legal or financial advice. It could also cover the cost of new technology or equipment needed to adapt, recover and rebuild the business.

It is felt by the government that small and medium sized businesses are the beating heart of communities. Small businesses provide employment to people in their communities. A small business also contributes significantly to their local economy. The government have created this funding to give small and medium businesses the support they need to thrive.

The support will be fully funded by the government and there is no obligation for businesses to contribute financially to the professional advice, technology or equipment they purchase.

This means, that if you are in HR, accountancy, legal, financial, IT or digital industries you could offer your services to your clients, for free. They just need to apply for the government grant, and this will cover the cost of your services.

However, with so many government grants, funding and loads out there it is hard for business owners to know which they can use and which they may need. We can create a blog that promotes a government grant for your services. This blog post will take about the government grant that is available, how it is relevant to your services and how the grant will cover the payment of your services.

This blog that promotes a government grant for your services can then be uploaded to your website. You can pop it on LinkedIn as an article. Snippets of the blog post could be shared on your social media to direct people back to your website. You could pop a link to the blog in your newsletter. If you have a list of potential clients, you could send them a link to the blog too. The email could state that the government are giving them a chance to try your services for free.

If you have seen a government grant is available to cover your services or business offerings, drop us a line. We can quickly create a new blog that promotes a government grant for your services. You can then share it with your audience.

For more information on this government grant, please click here.