Here at Creative Content Company we have a strap line. Its is ‘helping businesses achieve more online’. We do this through the online marketing services we offer and virtual or in-person training. However, we also offer free tips, advice and guidance where we can. Sometimes this is through blog posts and social media updates. Other times, we offer free training – and that’s what we have coming up!

As you’ll know from previous posts and social media updates, I’m a member of BNI Quantum. This is a networking group in Peterborough that is currently online. Every few months each member gets a chance to promote their business to the room, to help others.

On Thursday 14th January it’s my turn to do a presentation at BNI Quantum. A will be talking about 2021 Online Marketing Planning. It’s not a sales pitch from me, instead it’s a ten-minute planning session. You’ll need your pen and paper handy for lots of notes. I will be talking through all the marketing things you can do for your own business.

You can then use all my tips, pointers, advice and guidance for your 2021 online marketing planning. I will talk through things like email newsletters, blogging, web content, local pages, social media posting and more. If you struggle with any of them, then you can book a free consultation with me and we can talk through it together.

My goal when I set up Creative Content Company over 7 years ago was to show people how to market their own businesses online, if they wanted to. This way, they saw the value of marketing for their business. Then, when things got too busy – they could outsource to me.

Of course, I can still take away all the worry or stress of marketing from business owners who just want the job done.

This is how I still run the business now. I want to help businesses achieve more online.

If you’d like to come along to my free presentation on 2021 online marketing planning, let me know. It takes place at a networking event, so you’ll be able to promote your business to the room too; in a 60 second pitch. Plus, there is loads of great relationship building opportunities too.

It’s on Thursday 14th January, arrive for 6.45am and we are all wrapped up by 8.45am / 9am. I hope to see you there.