January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and we wanted to remind you that we ’blog for blood’ – we want to encourage our fans and followers to give blood and help save hundreds, thousands or even one life!

Since 1970, January has been named National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and this is because January us the one month of the year that presents the most challenges in recruiting people to give blood. Experts feel this is down to changing weather, busy holiday schedules, increased cold and flu symptoms and even winter blues. Even the most hardy, determined and frequent blood donators struggle giving blood or making blood donating appointments.

However, it is also the colder months like January with icy roads and thick fog that can lead to more traumatic injuries and will often increase the need for blood, when blood supplies are lower than usual. It is with good reason that January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month.

If you are a frequent blood donor please do continue giving blood, especially in the colder winter months and don’t forget to tweet that you’re giving blood too. Not only will this encourage others to do the same, but as per our ‘Blog For Blood’ blog post if you include #BlogForBlood in your tweet you will get a free blog post for your business.

Did you know that just one blood donation can help as many as three people – for half an hour of your time you really can help save lives and you’ll get a cup of tea or coffee, some squash, crisps and biscuits too as well as a free blog for your business and that warm feeling inside that you have done a good thing for others!

Log on now to book an appointment to give your next (or first) blood donation- hundreds or thousands of people are relying on people like you to save their lives!