Last month, as part of my role in the committee of the National Literacy Trust, I was involved in organising the quiz night and thanks to all the committee and those that came along the night was a great success; and loads of fun for all that attended (even the team that came last!)

Peterborough’s one and only quiz master Phil Elmer ensured there was an incredible atmosphere all night and all 7 teams had a brilliant time using their brains and thinking back to times when they were children, and when their great great great grandparents were children!

The aim of the night was to raise funds and awareness for National Literacy Trust and we fulfilled our aim – over 30 people now know who we are what we do and we raised a fantastic £821 on the quiz team entrance fees, the raffle and donations!

In the UK 1 in 6 children are below average reading age, yet in Peterborough this is an average of 1 in 2. In some areas of Peterborough 1 in 2 children leave primary school and are unable to read, which makes them less likely to do well at secondary school and less likely to achieve success in the future.

These are some shocking statistics and the main reason I chose to get involved in the National Literacy Trust as a reading buddy, and the main reason I said Yes when I was asked to be on the committee for the National Literacy Trust in Peterborough.

A reading buddy attends a school once a week for 1 hour for a full term, or longer if they choose. Each week they work with the same student to help them enjoy books, not to read, but to use their imagination to create a love for books.

If this is something you are interested in or would like to know more, then please contact me directly and I would be happy to tell you more.