Evergreen blog content is really useful as it can be shared time and time again; especially if it is always relevant. However, using the national months to blog about throughout the year can be a really good way of promoting your business.

Using months to blog about will also enable you to gain more engagement on social media and more traffic to your website. We would recommend you use the national month as a hashtag when you share the blog on social media during the month. This will then help you engage with other people using that hashtag.

We have put together a list of four national months to blog about. They are all taking place during the month of April. We would recommend that you consider these when planning your blog posts for the month ahead.

Celebrate Diversity Month

This is a great blog post to show off the diversity in your business. Explain your company values and how these relate to diversity. People love to know who they are working with or who they are buying from so include a team photo and a bit about the team too. Internally link this blog and the meet the team / about us page too for extra Google love.

Community Spirit Days

The month of April marks a month of Community Spirit Days. This gives your business a really good chance to talk about your community spirit. You can also talk about the community projects you are involved in. Why not talk about how your business positively affects the local community too. Even consider running an event during the month?

International Customer Loyalty Month

Why not use this blog post to promote customer loyalty? For example you can talk about how long clients stay with you on average. This will show how good your service / product is. Also talk about how you reward customer loyalty.

Stress Awareness Month

This blog post could be used in different ways. You can share top tips from your team about how they deal with stress. Alternatively this blog post could talk about how you can resolve stress for your clients. Of course, you could include both in one blog, or do follow-on blogs?

We would recommend you title your blog posts with ‘Company Name’ celebrates ‘National Month’ for example. If you need help writing these blog posts then just shout. We would be happy to create your blog posts for you.