I officially joined Safe Local Services on 1st March 2018 as a way to promote my business locally and help more local business achieve more with their online presence; of course there are many, many more benefits to Safe Local Services and if you want to know them I am happy to connect you with Kerry Cooper from the group?

I have just received this glowing testimonial from a client that has been using our services for some time and Kerry managed to get a testimonial from her for me – needless to say I am over the moon and truly thrilled at all the wonderful things this client had to say about me.

While we have shared some of this on our testimonials page with all our other happy clients, we felt we had to share the whole thing with you;

“I have known Hazel for approx 9 years and had been using her blog services for 12 months when we decided as a Business we needed to step up our blogging to move with the current issues on Social Media to gain interest and traffic.

We often hit Hazel with a series of hot topics that we see breaking on the news, this can be very early in the morning, and Hazel understands the need to be incredibly proactive with getting the blog back to us so it looks like we are right at the top of the news breakers. This is carried out to perfection and Hazel jumps straight onto it and we never worry something will escape her, she is incredibly customer focused.

Hazel has created around 50 blogs for us on other content that is Business relevant; this then creates a very healthy pool of material we can re-use to refresh our material online. it’s great that people think I am doing it, I love it that I have a secret ghost writer that is making me look social media amazing!

Hazel is very affordable; we thought we would be denting our marketing budget but not at all; this allows me to use her even more!

I really cannot fault Hazel and am delighted she has joined Safe Local Services. She really does deserve huge success and I can honestly say our business is busier because of our successful upbeat blogs.

Yes, would definitely recommend!”