I am the owner and founder of Creative Content Company and I strongly believe that ‘people buy people’. Many of our clients and business contacts were aware of our upcoming wedding plans for the 11th April this year. You may have met my fiancé Daniel at some of our corporate events such as business exhibitions, company anniversaries and polo days.

Due to coronavirus it meant that my wedding was postponed, with just 3 weeks to go until the big day. Everything, literally everything was ready. Our lounge was full of wedding items of all sorts. From large pallets with vinyls on right through to favour boxes and flip flops.

The theme for the wedding was daffodils and yellow. This meant that we could move the wedding to later in the year. We had also planned our wedding for the long weekend in April, East Bank Holiday weekend. This meant that nobody had to take time off work to come to our wedding and they still had the weekend to themselves.

So, my wedding was postponed to Easter 2021. All of our suppliers were great at moving to our new date and we had no problems at all.

However, we felt a big dejected. This was a day we have been planning for over 2.5 years. We were really excited for all our plans and secrets to come to fruition. If the UK was on lock down what could we do to mark the day we had looked forward to for so long?

This is when our celebrant came to the rescue!

Rebecca of White Rose Ceremonies was someone I met networking in the very early days of Creative Content Company. She was a lady I clicked with early on. I joked, back in my single days, if I ever met anyone that would dare to marry me, she would be the lady to marry us.

Rebecca is our celebrant for our wedding day, she was for this year and she will be for next year. She knew how gutted we both were about our day being postponed. She sent me a message and asked if I fancied a Commitment Ceremony via Zoom to mark our special day.

Dan and I quickly called her back and couldn’t say ‘Yes’ fast enough. Rebecca sent over a draft script of what we could expect and it was just perfect. All our friends and family that were due to come to the wedding could see us make promises for the year ahead.

You will have seen how keenly I am managing my #DailySmileCampaign at the moment. Rebecca had seen this too. She contacted BBC Look East and they shared our commitment ceremony in the Good News sector. It was shown on TV 3 hours after our service and was brilliant to watch. We could see all our friends cheering, clapping and raising their glasses to toast. The video can be seen here in fact; if you’d like to see it?

People Buy People; I wanted to share this story with you all because many of you knew that I was due to marry and asked about my plans. I also wanted to, once again, thank Rebecca of White Rose Ceremonies for a wonderful day that I know Dan and I will never, ever forget!

Yes, my wedding was postponed – but what a way to start the new countdown to the big day!