Generally, I don’t find Halloween scary. It’s a bit of fun in fairness. I eat lots of sweets, give ‘some’ sweets to neighbours. Maybe watch a scary movie and cuddle up on the sofa. This Halloween, however, is going to be slightly different.

On 31st October I will be going to a field in Peterborough to jump out of a plane.

Let me start by telling you a little about me.

I am petrified of heights; I can’t even jump off a short wall without screaming my head off or panicking.

Rollercoasters? Really not keen. They go too fast and too high. I don’t like the going upside down bit either. Hands in the air and scream to go faster? No thanks, I will squeeze the life out of the person next to me. However, screaming I can give you – and lots of it.

Flying? I love holidays abroad. I just don’t enjoy getting there or coming home. My chest gets tight, my hands get clammy and there is a lot of heavy breathing. Luckily the promise of alcohol when the flight is in the air is a great focus point. Guessing I won’t get that in the air when I go to jump out of it?

Jump suits – about that! I’ve never looked great in outfits that are close to me. There are a lot of wobbles and folds that are best kept under lose fitting clothes. Again, if there is something else that I could wear for a sky jump, that would be great.

So, now you know a little more about where I’m at maybe you are wondering what on earth I am thinking?

Well, it’s for a really good cause. I am jumping out of a place for Little Miracles.

Little Miracles are an incredible charity I have donated services, time and money to before. They have a head office in Peterborough and numerous centres across the local area. Their aim is to support families of children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions. They have bucket loads of knowledge and expertise to ensure that families get the support they need, when they need it.

What I love about Little Miracles is that they work in a wide variety of ways to ensure children can reach their full potential. They offer incredible activities and services for the children and their families. However, this costs money!

Please could you sponsor me for taking on this ridiculous challenge, that is already making my hands clammy and my heart race. You will be making a difference to a child’s life and making my challenge more worthwhile.

Please go to our GoFundMe page where you can find out more about the charity and sponsor us;

I will be doing to jump at 10.30am on 31st October with Daniel Andrews, our Corporate Event Support, and my fiancé.

At least now when someone asks me what is the scariest thing I have done on Halloween, I can say jumping out of a plane!