I am great at setting New Years Resolutions and new goals each year. Sadly, I am not so great at meeting the goals. I am fully focused and determined for the first few weeks or months, then I get side tracked and other things just take over.

A while back I read a blog post by Katie Hart of Rhetonic. The blog post spoke about how the different genders set goals. It also explained how long the goals last and how to make them last. One of the tips was to share the goal publicly. In theory, you then feel accountable to the people you ‘publicly’ told.

So, here is me publicly sharing my business book goal for 2020.

I have a book shelf full of books. I am a huge fan of M C Beaton and her murder mysteries that are just nice, easy reads. There are a random selection of other books too and each time I read a book, I pass it on to a friend or it goes to the charity shop.

However, there is one shelf of books that is just collecting dust. The shelf of business books. Some of these books have been passed on to me, some were bought by me and others were bought for me. I have all the intentions to read them – but that is as far as it goes.

Until 2020!

I have decided to set myself a business book goal for 2020. I will read 4 business books a year, roughly one every 3 months. As I finish each book I will leave a business book review as a blog post. I will then offer the book up to anyone else for free, via a competition on our business Facebook page. One person will win the book and we will send it to them for free, anywhere in the UK.

That’s it, I have now been public with my business book goal for 2020. Let’s see if the tip from the lovely Katie of Rhetonic works and I can keep to this goal for the year ahead.

Are there any business books that you think I should definitely have a read of? What are your favourites?