Coronavirus has been a really uncertain and worrying time for many businesses. I include Creative Content Company in this. Overnight we lost around two thirds of the business, just as lock down came in. This was just a week after our newest employee Sarah had joined the team! It was a super scary time, but you know what pulled me through it? My Amazing Team!

Here at Creative Content Company it’s a small team. I started the business in September 2013. A few months later Angela joined the team in January 2014 and then Sarah in March 2020.

When lock down came into place and there was uncertainty for the business, my first thought was how we can look after the clients that are staying with us. My amazing team never crossed my mind. Not because I didn’t care, but because nothing was going to change.

I know how incredible Angela and Sarah are. The business can’t run without them. There was never any option for me to furlough them or cut their hours. While Angela ensures the business runs smoothly, Sarah is helping grow brand awareness. These are both essential roles at all times, but especially now.

Angela does our accounts from home at the end of the month and Sarah was working from home while she sorted out childcare arrangements. While I planned to call then and confirm it was ‘business as usual’ the clients came first, for now.

However, they were thinking of me. Angela and Sarah both emailed me on the day to say they were happy to reduce their hours, stand down and not be paid, or work for free. I was overwhelmed by this offer. They both get paid by the hour, but there was no way I was going to cut their hours.

I know that this will end and I want to come out the other end prepared and ready. Without Sarah and Angela at my side this won’t be possible. In fact a grant became available for our target audience. Sarah and Angela both took on extra hours to get this message out via email. It was an opportunity I needed to grab and wouldn’t have been able to without them.

I just felt I had to write this blog post though, to share just how lucky I am to have an amazing team. My amazing team are what will get Creative Content Company growing from strength to strength. We will survive this and we will be stronger than ever before.

Thank you Angela and Sarah; you guys are incredible!!!